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Misunderstood Girl !! 2.0

Society strikes back again. It looks as if all the things I mentioned in Misunderstood Girl (Click it) were not enough. It had to go for a person's identity and individuality. Sometimes I think, Why do people think that what they think is absolutely right and there can be no other thought regarding that particular matter?
                                                                            Most of my posts are written after research (as much as I can do). I never write when I am angry or am being influenced by any kind of emotions. I feel the blogs or any kind of post which I give should be self-explanatory and easy for everyone to understand. They should help them to change their point of view which is what they would do after a stimulus for a thought. This is the first time I started writing because I got angry over certain things. I got so angry that I felt like punching in my almirah but I have learnt it the hard way that it is not the best way to vent anger. 

                                                    Anyway coming back to the point which is writing about the hypocrisy of this world, society and mainly our own family. Recently she was a victim of an attack on her identity namely - her looks, the way she gets her hair cut and a very peculiar jibe that she had lost the only good thing she had by getting her hair coloured and cut. The person saying this even had guts to say that "That's the only thing which is good about your looks and you destroyed it". When I got that message from her crying and bitching about these things I felt bad. Extremely bad, not just because my friend had to undergo such a traumatic experience but also because this actually shows how much we have degraded ourselves to the level of animals while still being the most developed species on this planet. 
                                                       When I was a kid I used to read that in the Animal Kingdom there are certain species in which females are colourful and shiny or secrete certain hormones to attract males for mating. That was the time when I would feel thankful to God for being kind enough to make us humans who can take their own decisions and think logically. A person who would talk to people in a welcoming way, thankful for making us a people who wouldn't judge. I was thankful to God for giving us a brain which would defy the odds of superstitious and make its own strides in the way of advancement. I was thankful to be a part of greater evolution. 

                                                  Now when I see her and the people surrounding her I feel angry to see how can we ask each other to be a shiny object for others to get attracted. What about the soul inside? What about the person who lives inside that shiny mould you call an aesthetically amazing body? What about self-esteem which gets broken again and again just because we do not like that this person is not objectified enough? These are all the questions which need to be answered before we go and try to tell someone that they are not good enough. 
                                                                      I have been living with her for past one year and I don't feel that her hair are the only thing which attracted me towards her. I liked and still like the way she handles herself. I like the way she thinks and does mistakes. Many of you might feel that I might say this because I am too close to the situation - a reason to write this blog but the truth is exactly opposite to it. As I said before this post is out of emotions and is not just for my best friend but every single girl who feels objectified, judged and nauseous by the stares of creepy fellows around her. My friend is just a stimulus for making me sharing my thoughts hence making this space a better place. 

                                                                               It is very important for us to keep in mind when we read, write or listen to something - The Bigger Picture. I ask you to do the same. Look at the bigger picture. Look at how fast the rate of women security is decreasing in our country and how fast the time of punishment for the goons responsible for it is decreasing. Are we going backwards in this game of evolution? Evolution was supposed to be a better and more advanced deal for us then why are taking a U-turn? Why is that a person has to come and beg for her rights? What pleasure do we get in making them feel miserable? Are we all sadists? Are we really different than animals? Or is it just a ruse to make a fool out of ourselves. I request all my readers to ask these questions to themselves and reflect upon the logicality of this issue. In a nutshell, I just want to say a woman can have many Avatars - a girl, a daughter, a friend, a girlfriend, a wife, a mother, a teacher but a man can be just two things a good man or a bad man so it is for you to decide what kind of man are you. A good man who respects women respect their wishes and co-exist with them or a bad man who believes in telling them that they are not good enough because of smaller cup size or too big waist size. 


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    1. Yeah it is kind of, that in this time people have thinking which belong to centuries ago. I hope it changes soon..


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