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Dog. Pet. Jugnu 2.0


Having a dog in your life brings an immense responsibility, love and a certain type of calm. Personally, I believe that it's not just with dogs but also with other pets and animals. I had this feeling after the first few weeks of my pet's stay at home. After that scary and tiring first night which I have described in Chapter1 came the most amazing journey of my life. Living with my pet. It grew me as a person, made me a decisive man and also taught me to be responsible for small or big events of my life. Having Jugnu was not just fun because I always had someone to pat or someone trying to accompany me everywhere I went but it also gave a sense of being a leader. When you see me writing this you might think that commanding a dog is not leadership, yes my friend I agree with you but what I believe is that being a leader also demands a man who can take risks, is decisive and can be an alpha when the need arises. Being leader is being selfless and caring for your loved…

Dog. Pet. Jugnu

I still remember that day when we first thought of bringing this cute thing in the picture to our home. I remember it very vividly. Inspite of all the problems which we had been facing for a very long period of time at home, I and my brother were very excited to bring a dog at home. It's not that we didn't try it before. I brought home a bitch named Laila earlier but as all Lailas do, she ran away with a Majnu. Then there was an extremely healthy puppy in the countryside which we adopted - Mota. Mota was dropped back with his family due to a certain tragedy. Then came Tommy a Goldie who was returned because of allergies to my brother.Finally, we all agreed (also after immense research) that Labrador Retriever was the dog which we should bring home and this time keep him with us forever. Giving me the very first image I posted.                                                                   Bringing Jugnu home was not an easy task cause because at that time finding …

The Last Run!!

Here, I would like to discuss a very common but uncomfortable thing in everyone's life - Change !!
                                                                      In my opinion, a change can be anything. Right from changing the brand of toothpaste we use to buying a new car for ourselves. But to be specific a change we all feel uncomfortable about is the change of daily routine, which can be due to either change in jobs, changes in the particular way we might want to live or maybe because of us proceeding towards the next big thing in our life.                                                        For a medical undergraduate getting admitted further for a Post Graduate Course is an ultimate aim. At least for the time period, he/she spends sitting, not practising and cramming specific important topics for exams. That's actually one of the worst things which a professional fears i.e. doing nothing and reading, trying not to contemplate about the uncertainty of getting admit…