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Attention ! Attention !!

First thought -  Maybe some announcement. Wrong

Second thought - OK. The author wants attention. True

In this particular piece, I would like to address an issue of - Lack of Attention amongst us. The motivation behind this particular piece is my real life friend. Lack of attention when someone talks, discusses, reads or writes something without graphical depiction of the subject is a real issue nowadays. The attention span of most of the modern humans has become smaller than the time taken by a hand grenade to explode after taking out the pin, which ranges from 4 to 8 seconds. This might seem like an exaggeration but is actually very true. The first proof in my argument is that few of the readers are already bored by now, reading about a Real Problem. So to just keep them engrossed here it is -

                                                                              Many of you might choose to read about what I have to express, few because of the previous line, and readers who have moved on are the one's we should talk about now. To begin with, one of the reasons for this problem is the advent of microblogging sites and also the growing unrest in the youth because of technology. Yeah, I agree that technology is something we all should earnestly advocate for, but, forgetting what it feels to be around nature, talking to real humans or listening calmly to a fellow human should not be compromised for that. My main reason for blaming it on technology is because the way media houses are going around in circles about everything. Mostly unimportant. Today discussing a child born to some movie star is more important than students committing suicide because of the pressure due to competition exams or simply peer pressure. A person sitting in his room would prefer tweeting random abuses or saying irrational things about someone totally unrelated or known to them instead of indulging in a recreational or a brain teasing activity. Is this what technology is all about? Or does technology mean to spread and widen our horizons much more than the already existing ideas? Is it better to just copy random things on your wall believing unverified rumours or is it better to launch a healthy investigation of your own in the issue then express your views about it? In my opinion expression of a thought is the best way to live. Hence the blog. But expressing on account of unknown entities, without thinking of consequences is just stupid. Here you go again -
uck, pictures.

                                  Let me explain it in this way - Recently I was talking to one of my very good friends. We just started discussing an issue 'x'. The discussion stopped within a minute or two because she was bored of it despite the fact that the talk on that issue had been initiated by her. That made me think that she might not be in the mood for a serious discussion. But this happened again and again for the whole fifteen minutes we talked. That actually gave me an idea to test among the common population. Not naming them - I chose five subjects for my study initially. One of them highly educated. Two with graduation level of education and two (not completely illiterate) unskilled persons. My aim for conducting the experiment was to see - Sustenance of the discussion by my subjects. The topic was same for everyone.
                                                                     I started with the most educated person in my study and found that they could not discuss anything beyond their profession more than a minute or two. The ones who were graduation level subjects couldn't even pick up the discussion as their knowledge about everything was limited. People who were unskilled actually made some valid points and discussed the matter at length with me. After analysing the results I came to a conclusion that only those who had no or little interest in microblogging could hold that discussion more than five minutes but those who were totally into the new tech of sharing everything and reading headlines and call themselves news masters actually had no idea what they were talking about. The major difference being reading, talking, discussing and then believing. Now I know that there can be many faults that can be pointed out in such a small study, but,  at my own level, this was the maximum I could do. After reading this I urge all of my readers to conduct this kind of study amongst you with total strangers or with people who are/ aren't obliged to answer you. 
                                     Coming back to the issue which is about not paying attention, as I was saying that expressing is great but losing yourself in the wish of being heard before everyone else around or speaking, trolling without checking facts is principally wrong. This doesn't mean that I believe that there is no other problem resulting in this decreasing level of general knowledge among the youth of our country but the advent of new tech has led to the creation of a big diversion from the main issue, hence becoming an issue in itself. Using online media responsibly should be the aim. It should not be a way out from the real problems of life or a faceless portal to criticise endlessly (healthy criticism is always welcome). One should not divulge all energies towards becoming an online star but should try to find a real passion in life. One should always remember that in the need of real emergency physical presence of a fellow human is a foremost requirement. These are the last two I promise -
There are issues which are far bigger and deeper than this. Yeah, they too need a healthy discussion but as people who do not control the education system or the political system of the country, we should be responsible towards what we do. It helps not just personally but also in the development of our overall personality. I would like to end it by saying most of the times

                                                         SILENCE IS GOLDEN.

                     Your Kind Words


  1. i read just one and i agree that today social media is a problem and a solution every coin has 2 sides... brilliantly written...waiting for more...but i did not get the link to follow u on blogger..

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I havent added lnk yet cause dont know how to but go on Wahan milega na sab kuch

  2. The link is on the side of my profile. There is a blue button saying follow. If you press that it will follow automatically

  3. Very well written, I enjoyed reading it a lot! However, I must say that I don't agree that it is a lack of attention as you mentioned on part of people you are having a discussion with, as a probable reason for fizzling conversation. Maybe they see you are not entirely open and willing to "discuss" and are rather trying to enforce your opinion as a matter of fact instead of a speculation, that they see the whole point of discussing it in the first place as redundant. A leading cause of why many people would refrain from having a discussion on social media (a point that you have also touched across). Having a strong position or opinion on a situation does not automatically guarantees you the higher ground of being a liberal intellectual.
    I am also attaching a link of an article here about something similar. If i judged your position correct from the above written piece, I think you will like it.
    But as I said, I enjoyed it, and I am glad someone, somewhere, is thinking about it, maybe this will open up a debate amongst the self proclaimed intellectuals of Indian Society.
    Good luck, and keep on writing!

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Just to clarify I do not consider myself a liberal intellectual just because someone refrains from discussing things with me. The experiment conducted by me was in real life and not on social media platforms because of the obvious reasons. The aim of my study(although very small) was to see if the listener could hold a discussion, hence I did it face to face.
      The whole point of this write-up is not to blame people or discourage healthy discussions. It's just my point of view of the changing trends and decreasing lack of attention among younger generation towards important things. For more details do read the continuation of this piece 2.0 as I think I have not been able to clearly write what I think. Thanks again for giving your time and a link to new information. Will get back to you with reviews about it too !!


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