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Attention ! Attention !! 2.0


  1. I am not against any kind of invention, discovery or advancement of technology.
  2. This blog is not written because I feel superior to any other human just because of my profession. 
  3. This is not written to badmouth or discourage you from using some specific sites. 
  4. These are just my views about a particular subject. Nothing more.
  5. All the pictures used by me are downloaded from google and I do not own them. 
I think I should start from where I wasn't clear in my last write-up, as, pointed out by few of my friends. So the problem about which I was talking was - the advent of technology in everyone's life. Before I express my views I would like you to go down the memory lane and remember about your school life. Do you remember how we used to have school debates and extempore. Now let the juices of your brain flow and try to extract out this particular information that in one of those you might have debated about the advent of technology in the modern era or the importance of technology in the modern era. Some of you might have been against and some in favour of it. I was mostly in favour of it. I still am. The biggest proof is you all reading my blog which has been typed on my laptop's keyboard and is reaching you by the means of binary codes. I just love how it is. 
So as I was saying that advent of technology is not bad but it's misuse is. In my last write-up, I talked about twitter, that does not mean that I hate their way of communicating. Even I am using it to some extent in day to day life. My particular viewpoint was towards the ill effects it has brought along with it, which, according to me is (mostly) created by media or news outlets. Just to fit the news in 140 characters they try to make a spicy headline and hence create confusion and chaos in reader's mind.  I don't say that it's completely their fault but misleading everyone or just one person for the counts of clicks or retweets is seriously a bad thing and as I said the last time, principally wrong. This has lead to a culture of trolling and gossiping. Most of the trolls, sometimes on important issues, have no background or research behind them. It has led to a newer concept of being first in saying things, without knowing them. Which, hence leads to more misunderstanding and communal or religious fights. Most of the times people's defence is that their sentiments are hurt and that's the reason for their fight(Actually the real reasons might be the frustration of unemployment or employment, a fight at home or just devious minds of some humans). Hence giving rise to the evergreen debate of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech can again be interpreted in many different ways. Most common among them is abusing a completely unknown person or threatening the weaker one in the thread. There can be grievous consequences sometimes as pointed out by  Mr. John Oliver in his episode of Last Week Tonight - Online Harassment in 2015. This also leads to disturbance in the day to day life and general public unrest. So, you might have noticed in above ten lines how one bad thing has led to another hence proving my point. 
Now, you should not think that the picture is just gloomy. There are those who do not do this and there are those who despite the persisting confusion and chaos choose to remain sane. Goodness still prevails in bad conditions too but according to my personal observation, the number of those who do not care to write or comment responsibly is more. In my opinion, the responsibility has to be shared between the people and the journalists. We as citizens of a particular country should respect and protect it. We as people of some specific religion or sect should respect and protect it. Having said that we should also respect the sentiments of people from other countries or religions as their connection with them is as important as ours with our own country or religion. If someone is wrong then yeah you can make fun of that person but can also show that person the right way and move on. As every finger in our hand is not equal so is the case with humans. Each and every one of us is different from each other and has equal rights to speak, write, comment and make mistakes. We all are mortals improving from our mistakes and thriving on lessons we learn from them. 
                                                                            Apart from the above-discussed point, there are much deeper and interesting issues which lead to this kind of behaviour but I would not like to indulge in them as my knowledge about them is limited. In the
In a nutshell, each and every one of us should work towards a better future for the social media instead of making it yet another problem.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Aayushee. Please share views or thoughts over the same issue too :)

  2. what a thoughtful piece of work!

  3. I like reading your entries Arjun :)
    there are few points that you have briefly mentioned, which I am interested in and would like it more, if you can again write about them. One, the mis-use of internet, or commonly called as trolling now a days. As you have implied, it is very easy to sit back in the comfort of your home and fire insults at someone you deem not worthy enough to express their opinions, however it can be done in a responsible way as well, without demeaning the other person's human worth. This has become a sensitive topic, maybe you can shed some more information on it :)
    Second, the responsibility to remain sane and rational when faced with chaotic internet. I think this slightly touches the topic of increasing prevalence of fake news. My only comment here would be, if you can advise people to think critical, and more on the lines of "how do we know" before blindly believing the first thing they see. Also, some of the websites can come handy in checking the actual from the fake. For example:;;
    Look forward to more posts, goodluck and keep on writing!


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