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The State

Sitting in a pub at 00:27 hours I suddenly realised that I was getting bored. Not because I didn't enjoy music or relaxing. It's mostly because I didn't care about that particular kind of atmosphere anymore. People gathered in a tight place, bodies touching and sweating. Dancing drunk on each and every song as if it benefits them directly playing that song, not even realising that the dance steps which they did, do not match the beats and actions on which they are getting impressed by each other are actually stupid for any sober human being. I also got a feeling of repulsion from myself, when I thought that I was one of them a few years ago. Realising it would be difficult to live with this feeling inside me I made a mental note that I was going to think about it and probably write too. 
To begin with, I think the I overreacted to the situation at that time. I had a beautiful and interesting tinder date sitting beside me. I had my favourite beer in my hands, still, the feel…

Love & Lies

After reading the title of this write-up one must think that this is purely based on my breakups or is a rant blog about the lies one faces in love life, but my dear friend it's far more than that. I shall explain myself further by the medium of my writing and your interpretation. So let's begin.


Is it the touch of a special someone? Is it a ruse which people use to get some comfort with each other, be it physical or emotional. Is it a medium of connecting with other human beings? Is it just a word which is being overused in this scared world nowadays? Is it a feeling or an emotion? Is it when someone does something for you and hence benefits you in some way? Is it a rare phenomenon which (now) has been replaced by an act? Is it the word of your parents or your partner?
                                                                 According to me, Love is an abstract feeling which simply means being happy. Happy in your skin. Happy and Content in your life. Love is so…