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The Hero Within!

Before landing at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, I had never imagined that I'll see these three pictures on the wall and start thinking about my own life. I had never been a fan of art because I do not understand it. I don't hate it. It's just that I don't understand it. Sometimes I do not get the point of colours too. It's strange and weird but that's me - Weird and Strange. 
                                                                        So coming back to my point which is that this was the first art sequence which made me think about things. Things related to my life. My mistakes and good decisions. My achievements and losses. My will power and sometimes the lack of it. My determination in certain spheres of life and again lack of it in some. It made me think how I am not perfect and how life goes through different phases as we age, as we grow up professionally.

                                                       First picture - here says to me that every human, be it a girl or a boy are born with different set of assets. Everyone who is borne is equal. There is no differentiation based on colour of skin, cast or religion. Simple human babies with two arms, two legs, two eyes, and ears. No difference. The interpretation for it also means that life starts with simplicity but goes on to become like the waves in ocean, sometimes angry, then again sometimes normal and calm. Fortunes or misfortunes of life come and go with the circumstances and factors surrounding one. For me, the first picture says it all about our life. Talking about the right and wrongs, ups and downs. It says to me that life is not static. Like an ocean it spreads in every breath we take, every decision we make. What happens to us today might have been set up by our own actions few years in past. What we do today might not benefit us right  now but might be helpful in future. My mother would say these things when I was a kid, but, who knew paintings will drill some sense in me. 
                                                                        These different shades of blue also made me think about how sometimes everything seems so monotonous, but, actually is a phase of preparation for the bigger things to come. Going diagonally from right bottom part to left upper end is a kind of a journey which every human takes in life. I say this because I see a lighter shade of light in that corner so naturally I think that it is the end point where one goes and just merges in the higher power, be it God or any supernatural which we do not understand. Going from this end to that end is called Life. The struggle which some people go through or a boon which some people live.
                                                                 This picture looks to me as a subset of the first picture. I say this because when I see the first picture as life we live, this particular art looks to me as a depiction of the problems we face in life, hence the part of first one. 
                                                                   It clearly says to me that sometimes when a tensed situation comes, I get worried and spiral into that particular problem instead of thinking clearly and smartly. The red dot depicts my mind which when gets surrounded by pressure, gives in. Gives in to the pressure. Everything seems impossible to achieve. I suddenly forget about the will power and determination I mentioned earlier. At that moment it seems that the concerned problem will be the biggest obstruction of my life and I will never be able to cross it. Sometimes when it is related to my personal life, I just become breathless and have panic mode on for a day or two. I enter the imaginary shell of my own. I suddenly get angry and start getting distant to everyone who wants to help. I just think of previous problems and how I got over them giving myself a boost telling that it's possible to cross this obstacle too. 
                                                                              Suddenly the role of the third picture comes into play. As a defence mechanism my brain doesn't allow too much pressure and just blocks the thought of it. I visit the problem again with a fresh mind and different angle and hence rising from the abyss I was spiralling into. Like a phoenix I rise from ashes and fly away. I come up with a simple and right solution to the problem in play.  The red dot here depicts my mind again but with the wings which make it fly away from the situation bothering it. The grey background to me looks as a night from which mind goes away up towards the light I was talking about. In conclusion second and the third picture should have been superimposed and merged with first one from right bottom corner to left upper corner diagonally. 
                                       In the nutshell, I would like to say art is like a poem. It has unlimited ways of triggering one's mind and feel things. It made me do it. 


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