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Soldiers of Struggle!

I would like to dedicate this write-up to the soldiers of my and other countries who stand at the borders and protect the civilians without worrying about their own life and pleasures. It fills my heart with pride when I see a picture of a soldier standing on Siachen Glacier and smiling. I feel like saluting these men a thousand times. 

                                                         The reason why I write this blog is to talk about the plight of such brave and courageous men in twenty first century. We all know that the work which they are doing is selfless and thankless. Getting killed by a bullet while you are thousands of miles away from home is a kind of death which none of us want, but, not for these men who lay down their life time and again . Sometimes fighting with the enemies who try to attack their motherland. Sometimes just because there is ceasefire violations from the other side. Tears are shed constantly by the wives, children and other family members of our martyrs. While this is happening we sit in our A/C rooms complaining about day to day problems of life. I don't want to lay down  a comparison of both the lives, but, would like to draw the contrast between the individuals of the same species. 

                                                                              Where we are mostly negative about things, they are sitting with the positivity of protecting their country. Where we are constantly bothered by the so called ill in the society, they live out of it and face the real challenge of life. Where we are always trying to find a way around the work we do, they sit on the scopes of their gun for hours together noticing even the slightest movement on the other side of the border. Where we constantly complain about how our premiere is good or bad, they protect each and every soul in the country. Where we crib about drinks being banned near highways, they sit days together shivering from the bone chilling cold in the Himalayas. Where we eat/drink  in new places every week, they might go without the taste of luxurious food and beverage for years together. Where we have a problem in getting up an hour or two before our work, they are constantly on watch for our security. Where we crib about standing up for our national anthem, they keep the tricolour in their heart until their last breath. While I write this blog, there is one soldier dying somewhere in the world from the above mentioned and many other noble causes. Having said all these things I would also like to tell what kind of respect and sincerity they deserve from this system, us and every single human who lives in the free world. 
                                                                       They deserve not to be pulled into the controversies for political benefits. It is our responsibility and duty towards them that we do not communalise the deaths of our own brothers. We are also responsible to take care of the families of our brothers when they lay down their lives while protecting our families. We also are responsible for respecting the demands and wishes of a soldier who sits in the battlefield. I also, think that they deserve to be paid more than anyone else without being taxed for their salaries. Often we see soldiers fighting for their basic rights. One such example was the recent One Rank One Pension struggle which the army had to undergo to be heard. Recently, we also saw a political leader counting the number of soldiers of a particular religion who had died in a ceasefire violation. I urge my fellow citizens not to come down to such low levels just for own personal gain. Truely respecting someone requires an understanding of one's work and intention. In this case it is clear as a crystal that they deserve it a lot. We also have a debt towards them for leaving their comforts behind. In my opinion when even a single soldier has to struggle for what he deserves that is a matter of shame for every citizen of that country. 

                                                                                    We are the ones who should make sure that Soldiers and Struggle are the two words which should never come in one sentence or story. In  a nutshell I would like to say that every soldier in this world deserves respect for the selfless life he/she lives. 


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