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Richness in Poverty

Have you ever seen a toothless human sitting in the shades of some temporary roof in summers just beside the footpath which leads to your office? Have you ever observed those people who have been so oppressed in their life that they obey any instruction given to them in stern voice by anyone? Have you ever met those people who are too poor to have proper meals but would serve you food of your choice if you visit their house as a guest? I have. I write and dedicate this write-up to all those I mentioned above and also to the ones which I meet in my day to day life. 
                                                                   The purpose of it is not to discuss the problems in the system which has lead to this. It is not even to blame the system. I write today because I have been inspired and motivated by them. Time and again I have been moved by their ways of seeing other humans, their values and the way they accept things (both good and bad) in their life. I know, some of you might think that they 'have to' accept all the problems they tackle in their life. To all those who have these thoughts I really suggest that if you get some time from your work schedule then you must sit with them and find out that why are these humans living and accepting what they get.

Let me begin with the triggering stimulus for this blog. Recently, our college has increased the security on campus to prevent eve-teasing and restrict entry for anti-social elements of the society. In midst of all these changes, there have been bad/good experiences among doctors, staff and other workers where they have been stopped at every entry point to see the college id despite the obvious scrubs or white coats. 

Incident - During all this chaos I find a guy who is not sure to ask me for my id as I enter the hospital in casual clothing. His eyes say that he wants to because of the constant monitoring under CCTV. Still, he is extremely unsure. He comes to me and says "Sir can I check your id please". I take out my id from my wallet and show it to him. After confirming that I am practicing doctor and part of the staff here he gets embarrassed and starts apologizing for doing his duty. Then I explain it to him that it's alright and move on towards my lab.
                                                                This experience made me think a lot about the goodness in people. Especially those who have been at the opposite side of bad behavior by most of the humans surrounding them. They know how good it feels to talk to someone and explain things when they have asked the other person for a favor. This is what made me observe more and more 'the goodness' which still persists in my surrounding. This made me introspect all the good memories I had of others in my mind palace. Thinking about all those incidents and adding this to it. I realize that there is Richness in a Poor's person heart. It is the richness of purity, goodness, and honesty. As I see it in my profession that there is no better and accurate book then my patient. According to me, so is the case with humans.

                                                                       There is no better way to feel and examine yourself than poverty. Leaving on minimal requirements. Consuming and craving only what's necessary for living gives you a control over your mind. Listening to others and trying to understand their point of view. Committing yourself to a task and working hard on it. Taking some time out from the daily routine and sharing experiences and thoughts with others. Having sympathy and empathy for others. Poverty should be from materialistic things but not in heart. Practising it should be a discipline because it teaches you more about yourself than any other observer. It gives you the real idea of your abilities. It tests your patience and makes you believe in your inner strength. 
                                                                                In a nutshell, I would like to say you might be poor, your shoes might be broken, but your heart is in the right place. A place where lies satisfaction and eternal happiness. 


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