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We The Lucky Ones!!

Being born in the 20th century and living the 21st I consider myself as someone who is lucky. Having seen the time when we used to walk everywhere to the time when I fly back and forth to my hometown from my place of work easily (2400 km), I can say I have experienced the wave of change around me in a very close fashion. Waiting for long distance calls to get connected to having an electronic device in my hand in which I basically live my life I can say that I am Lucky. Now the question which arises in your mind is - " Why the hell am I telling you about I or you being lucky?".                                                                                              My friend, with these examples I just want to touch some points which I might have missed in my previous writings (Attention Attention, Attention Attention 2.0, Your Kind Words) or might introduce you to some new observations from my life. According to me, anyone who can relate to all the things which I have mentioned earlier is a lucky person. Not just because we enjoy certain luxuries of life but also because we have seen it all happening. We have actually seen the initiation of the change in technology which was depicted in movies in the 80s and 90s. We are witnesses to the birth of artificial intelligence. Be it on your phone or on laptops. It has come and started living with us. Some might say that it is not a good thing to be surrounded with, they might be right or wrong. I can not and will not comment about it as I do not consider myself any kind of expert on it. So as I was saying that we are being witnesses to so many things nowadays. So, the question is what is the importance of realising that "We are the lucky ones"? Why did I stress about it since the beginning of this write-up? The whole purpose of it is to shed some light on the ongoing slaughter of common sense in the recent times. The alienation of common knowledge of certain facts and figures necessary to live life. The killing of a very important need which was some time ago was known as OBSERVATION SKILLS. The need of doing it is to just let my readers know that We are the lucky ones but not the Stupid Ones. Many times I see people becoming more and more inclined towards living a virtual life not realising that how they are neglecting and harming the real life and people who surround them in it. Nowadays, talking to a classmate nicely is an alien concept which has been replaced by "brb-ing" on microblogging and chatting apps. Some of us have forgotten that these advancements in the technology were made to develop more and more. They were made for us to travel the road less travelled. To go and explore new things. Not to be another reason for our procrastination. 
                          Making a glass and metal brick which travels along with you everywhere and enables you to do everything was a brilliant idea, as was free internet with net neutrality. But Are We the Stupid Ones, who are trying to convert it into a curse? Today not only adolescents but also geriatric age group has immersed themselves into it so much that this has become a reality from a mere joke a few years ago. 
My aim here is not to discourage technology but to let you realise that we are different from animals. We are not just expected to make right and smart decisions from our peers but also the generation which comes after us. What we sometimes don't realise is we actually will be the stepping stone in the transition from a natural way of living to a carbon life. We are the stepping stone for imparting this gem to our young ones that being pretentious is idiotic. Living in reality, facing its challenges is something which matters in the end. Happiness is not putting your status as a 'blood donor' on some website and letting people know that you have done charity, but, regularly doing something good for people in need without aching and wishing praise for it. Happiness is going out of the way for the people you love. It is in being faithful to an old friend. Happiness is in living your life your way, the way you dreamt it to be, keeping the old spirit alive. Getting satisfied by seeing that your friend is safe during a natural calamity on a website speaks volumes about your stupidity. It takes years and years to build a relation which is broken in those few seconds when you are that stupid move. It's not just about being constantly online but about changing your view to this fact that putting up happy pictures on social media will lift up the frustration of your life. For me, it is an act of cowardice in the 21st century. A new style but still an act of cowardice. Being an online celebrity is not just an achievement but also a responsibility. Realising and then making your followers realise that doing that should just be the smallest part of their life, not their addiction. 
Nowadays we see that everyone has become a comic. Be it on twitter or FB. People are in hurry for others to like them instead of talking smartly and intellectually. Everyone wants a share, retweets or just a like on stupid and absurd things they write. For them what matters is being a person who is known for his/ her pretentious wit, nobody is trying to dig up and get dirty to know whats real and what not.This also signifies the lack of attention being paid to things happening around. Making a video of a man lying under a trolley is more important than checking for carotid pulses, learning BLS and hence saving that person. I don't say these things being a doctor but a common man. A man who nowadays is afraid to put his opinions, in view of the recent events where journalists are being murdered. A man who earns doing hard work and is not asked but is made the subject of an imposition of no alcohol and non-vegetarian food because someone important was born on some random day in a year (Following what he said on that particular day is extremely important no matter what you do the whole year).
                                                              It is not just me but millions like me who are subjected to this stupidity and certain more impositions every year hence making us a dormant volcano which when bursts destroys what comes in their way. Nobody realises the real reason for their anxiety. Nobody wants to face the truth and take the blame for their stupid decisions. None of us is free of the guilt of lying to ourselves. Not even me. Still there lies hope. Hope to get up from the difficult position we have put ourselves and do something about the rest of life.   

                                             Hope - a voice in our brains which tells us to do the right thing. Going back to basics and coming out of this limbo we have put ourselves in. We have done it before and we can do it now. Yes, it's true that we might have been a little late in realising it but still where there is a will there is way. So my advice to everyone reading this is to stop being and addict to this crutch known as technology and get up live your life as it is supposed to be lived. 


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