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Blankness - An Experiment

BLANKNESS - When you are void of Expression

                                                             Have you ever felt it? Sitting in a room,]doing nothing, thinking nothing. Just sitting and relaxing.] Just looking at the wall in front of you staring it as if your life depends on it. Staring it continuously to that extent that at the end of it, you feel embarrassed for doing it.] I think it happens a lot when you undergo pressure situations while at work, at least for me. It not only points towards the strange and amazing way a human brain works but also towards the way we are living our lives.] The first one because I think it might be my mind's way of releasing the pressure so as to prevent a total crash and the other reason because I think it can be used as an indicator for the amount of quality of work one is doing regularly. I started writing this blog while in that state of mind My Blankness. All those lines which end with "]" are the ones where I spaced out again and then had to spin my head like a dog to come back to the reality. No matter how much I tried I would go back in that zone until the pressure is completely released.]]] 
                                             This was a long one. So I decided that I should take the help of music to come out of it and be alert again. By the way, the song playing is - Another Rainy Day by Corinne Bailey Rae.] The duration was decreased certainly but still, the drift in the Blankness was present. ]]]]]].

                                                                 Finally, I decided to give in to the blankness, I let my mind rest. I let it take its own time to regain the orientation. To my surprise, the words to complete this piece came back racing in my head. My fingers were not able to keep up with the alphabets, words, sentences which were being drafted in this beautiful thing called human brain. Certainly, it's power is unmatchable and vast. During this what I realised was that it wasn't only this blog about which I was thinking but also the class which I was going to take after two days for my juniors, I was thinking about the preparation for it, thinking about my evening duty and many other things. 
              Maybe it was a break for my mind but now it's time to stop thinking and start doing. 


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