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Love & Lies

After reading the title of this write-up one must think that this is purely based on my breakups or is a rant blog about the lies one faces in love life, but my dear friend it's far more than that. I shall explain myself further by the medium of my writing and your interpretation. So let's begin.


Is it the touch of a special someone? Is it a ruse which people use to get some comfort with each other, be it physical or emotional. Is it a medium of connecting with other human beings? Is it just a word which is being overused in this scared world nowadays? Is it a feeling or an emotion? Is it when someone does something for you and hence benefits you in some way? Is it a rare phenomenon which (now) has been replaced by an act? Is it the word of your parents or your partner?
                                                                 According to me, Love is an abstract feeling which simply means being happy. Happy in your skin. Happy and Content in your life. Love is so colossal that it is not limited to one thing, one person or one entity. It is an entity in itself which defines our life. It influences the way we think and o things. Meeting someone new can be lovely, talking to someone with same thoughts is comfort which might lead to love.
Love is something which comes from within. It can't be learnt or taught. It is an emotion which when born can make you move mountains. It is an all or none phenomenon. It is something which differentiates people. It not only defines but also help you define others. Love, my dear friend is something which encompasses respect, order and feelings of us all. All humans in this world are one with love or 6.5 billion different souls in absence of it.


Being exactly the opposite of love it defines itself. Often we find people lying to each other because of many reasons such as maintaining a high status in the society, trying to outsmart other etc. Lies form an integral part of our personal and professional life. Sometimes it's important that we lie, but, I am of the view no matter how hard and bitter the reality is, we should always and always support the truth. There is a famous saying in Sanskrit which states that - "We should never tell bitter truths and sweet lies to anyone". Although being a student of this great language I do not support this notion because I am of the view that sometimes reality of the situation hits you hard in the gut but a real person still gets up and fight against it with all might. Lies are important sometimes for example as when we describe certain delicate matters to children.
                                                                    Lies are the whole and sole reason of corruption, instability and chaos in the society. For some, they are the food for survival. People who think that lies are important just make themselves believe that they are on right track. According to me, there exists no test or standard thing which draws a line between being truthful and a liar. So I think we should be more specific about the lie we are going to choose, the lie which we feel is alright for our sake. Lies do not last but love does. In a nutshell, I would like to suggest to leave the lie and carry on your life in love.


  1. I think its a huge debate, but yes, lies can destroy lives. I have seen that first hand.

    1. Yesh it is a huge topic and debate but there is only so much you can write in a blog for someone not to get bored


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