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Dog. Pet. Jugnu 3.0

It took me some time to come up with this write-up as I was seriously confused about what to write. Confusion is there because of the millions of things I have done, experienced and taught to my pet. Initially, I thought that I will complete the story in three different blogs or dlogs (as I call them), but lately, I have realised that it is almost impossible to share my love for animals or this particular animal in just three write-ups. So I have decided to further increase the number to four and make an attempt to write about my experience. 

Dog. Pet. Jugnu and Dog. Pet. Jugnu 2.0 described my experiences about initial stages of bringing a new family member in. As they were very concise that's why I have taken a certain liberty at this time to describe in details about my feeling towards the whole thing. So here we go -:
As I was saying having a dog at your house creates a totally different kind of environment. You get to see all the changes happening at your home. From baby proofing to make sure that the baby eats, drinks water and poops properly. It might sound very simple, redundant and sometimes cute job, but, take it from the person who has the first-hand experience of it - "It's easier said than done". Training someone not to poop and piss on their own will is quite difficult as it goes against the id of the creature. Although most of the initial training for Jugnu was taken up by my elder brother, I think I had an important role to play in honing those skills to perfection later. We, at our house, used to have special forty minutes after breakfast and in the evening in which we trained him hard and strict. Jugnu is a living and breathing proof of positive reinforcement. It works. In first 10 to 12 months,  we made sure that he was not pampered at all and knows his place in the house. His training can be compared with the training of the first year residents at medical colleges. Anyway, training Jugnu was kind of a pleasure in itself as he used to come up with his own goof ups. I still remember one of those incidents when it happened. As researched, I was giving him his daily dose of light walk or exercise on our terrace. By now his hours of fun, sleep, food and rest of the activities were fixed. I was walking with my usual pace and he was following me or I should say running behind me to catch me. While doing that he was so focused that he forgot about the wall ahead and rammed himself into the wall. It was followed by winning and puppy tears with an innocent expression of great confusion. I immediately ran towards him and picked him up. Seeing all these things he suddenly became calm and started rubbing his tiny paws on his forehead - the site of injury. I was a mixture of different emotions, mainly - comedy, love and then bewilderment about how secured he felt with me. Before that incident, I had never gotten that feeling from any human let alone animals. This was just the start of the wonderful journey which I have taken up with him till now. 
 _6years old
                               Observation  - He does that sometimes himself.
                               Inference - There is a little girl inside his brain (kidding).

Things like these make you forget his mistakes and also kind of love his innocence more. 
Every day his routine was same. Same activities, same lessons. He proved his rank as world's 7th smartest dog. Training him in those initial stages was very helpful later as he started understanding us better and better. He also became multilingual as he started understanding commands in Hindi, English and Punjabi. Moving on to the other fun activities which we would do when he was young. Swiming - it came naturally to him. We just went in a canal and carried him inside. Suddenly, he jumped out of our hands and started swimming as if he was waiting to make those bold strokes since birth. During that swim, my brother slipped in the water due to algae and Jugnu suddenly swam towards him for help. Just two years old and trying to help a fully grown man - That's the purity of a dog's love. It's simple and straight. 

Talking about all these things makes me wonder how much even the simplest of things change your life in different ways. A small gesture of concern, help or interest makes you a better person, makes you feel the importance of an abstract feeling called affection. It is not necessary that it will come out by the touch of other humans but can also be brought about by different species altogether. I shall stop by saying that considering all these simpler things of life we should strive to create peace, love and calm around us, not chaos. We shall learn from living beings who can not even speak but know the importance of loyalty and love. They are not less developed but far more advanced and simpler than us.



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