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A Walk Down The Right Path

Although I am not an expert in doing the right things as great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King etc. still I think I shall discuss here the right path which everyone should take in life. It is not something which comes from within but a discipline which has to be inculcated in life and made part of it. Ofcourse, some readers might think that it's a little boring discussion so let me make an attempt present it like a story. Just give me ten more lines. 

Let's talk about getting up in the morning on a typical Monday and going for work. For us doctors, it's really easy as we have no Sundays but sometimes that laziness prevails in us too. So, when we get up on a Monday - the first thought that comes to our minds is - I wish I had a reason to miss my work today. The point of discussion here is not why that thought comes in mind as it is a matter of discussion for a different write up altogether, but, the point is what should we do next when such thoughts come to our mind. According, to me the best thing is to remember our motivation, the thing which led us here and the thing which we want to achieve after pursuing this road. That should be a trigger enough. Having a tea to freshen up or open up your eyes is just a form of procrastination. No matter what our condition is we must not forget to walk down the right path. We must not forget the thought of the right thing to do. 
                                           Maybe, the example which I have taken is a little too simple, so, let me make it more relatable to some of you by talking about some more difficult things we face in our lives.  Either it can be a thing which has to be done consistently to live eg. earning money or it can be a job as redundant as polishing our shoes daily. In today's life earning money is the biggest of the deals. There are ways by which it can be earned easily and there are ways which make it more difficult to earn money but totally worthwhile. The question which comes to mind is which way to choose. Should it be that shortcut or the longest but the most honest way? In this matter, as some of you might think that shortcut is the way to take no matter what, but, still I would say there is nothing as satisfying as a walk down the right path. An honest man's wage is far more precious than a manipulator's billions of rupees. Having done one good thing in a day, never cheating anyone ever and providing to best of your abilities is the best feeling while you go recharge your batteries in the night. The feeling of peace and calm which it brings with itself is something no piece of paper can buy. I have been there and I have done that. Now, coming to the redundant job of polishing our own shoes before we sleep. I think it is a discipline in itself. It actually teaches you the way of life not literally but metaphorically. It gives you a sense of purpose, a work which has to be done daily and regularly because that's how you live the civilised life. It tells you that even smaller thing in life can matter the most when the time comes and nothing can be neglected once you decide onto the right path or the path which is ideal for the situation you are in. It is not just a single entity but a combination of many small things which can ultimately lead to a great life. Every breath you take, every thought you make, every single day will result in something. It will be a small part of the bigger picture of that hour then day and weeks then finally months turning into a lifetime. 

                                                   A lifetime which will be written by you, lived by you, enjoyed and griefed by you. A walk down the right path is not something philosophical but life's purpose.  It's not just the way of life but the way of the soul. It doesn't only define you as a human being, but, also prepares you for the battles of life. Battles which come up without a warning and have to be fought without being prepared. Right Path makes you learn the hardest but the smoothest ways to handle things. It shows you the time tested techniques to live a happy life. It tests you to your core and brings out the best being in you. In a nutshell, its is not just a way of life but life itself. 


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