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The Last Run!!

Here, I would like to discuss a very common but uncomfortable thing in everyone's life - Change !!

                                                                      In my opinion, a change can be anything. Right from changing the brand of toothpaste we use to buying a new car for ourselves. But to be specific a change we all feel uncomfortable about is the change of daily routine, which can be due to either change in jobs, changes in the particular way we might want to live or maybe because of us proceeding towards the next big thing in our life. 
                                                      For a medical undergraduate getting admitted further for a Post Graduate Course is an ultimate aim. At least for the time period, he/she spends sitting, not practising and cramming specific important topics for exams. That's actually one of the worst things which a professional fears i.e. doing nothing and reading, trying not to contemplate about the uncertainty of getting admitted in a PG course. For me, it was a dreadful time. By God's grace, my time came and  I got admission in one of the most prestigious colleges in our country, but, the thing which I had not realised by then was that what changes it will bring in my life especially in my personal life. After getting the results of my counselling I was given a week's time to wind up my whole life which I had been living for past two years. I was not even given a proper time to celebrate my success with my family. So was the nature of urgency with which they wanted us to join the college and start off our course. Anyway, I didn't want to crib about meagre things and went through that transition phase to the best of my ability. Packing up my books, bike and general stuff in two days and dispatching those boxes to their desired location. 
                                               Although it wasn't easy for me, still I had to get on with it. Not easy, mostly because of the memories I held dear to my heart about and in the place I had been living. While doing all those things I decided to go for "The Last Run". Not last because I wouldn't continue my exercises after that but because while doing that it felt as if  I was leaving a part of me there. While jogging it felt like I was releasing my energies (both positive and negative) into that air which I might be inhaling again after many months. While I was at it, it felt that I became one with that track, trees around it, that dusty sky and also with the hottest of the weather which prevailed there. My Last Run made me realise how much I loved my routine even though it was dreadful. It made me realise how I loved those people who lived in my society and were my daily buddies while roaming around. While writing this blog I particularly remember one person. The gatekeeper of my society. The only person who would go out of his way to help me. Maybe because I was responsible for treatment of his joint pains or maybe because we had developed a certain camaraderie while all those times when he would get up in middle of the night to open the gate for me or those times when he would just simply talk about exercising with me, but, never would. 
                                                             All those small things boiled up to the moment when I left that place after that last run. Leaving behind that special person with whom I wished to have a certain future. That's the way of every change. It makes you leave certain things behind and move on to new things. It doesn't spare you in any way cause that's the nature of change. While reading this one might think that I want to go to my previous life and am not realising the importance of moving on to the next phase, but, that's not what this write-up is about. It's about the nostalgia which follows you while something changes in your life and imprints your previous life as memories in your brain. It's about discussing the pain and joy every change brings in one's life. It's about discussing the necessity of change for evolving. 
                                                             Change is what makes our life colourful. Change is not just part of life but in itself is a very dynamic phenomenon. It makes every moment worth living. It makes us learn from it and become a better individual. It teaches us to be more tolerant and resilient towards life. It tells us to be more humble towards success. It not only completes us but also diversifies our views towards living a happy life. In a nutshell, for me, change is life and life is change.  


  1. nostalgic heart!!..i wish u all the very best in life ..wherever u go...


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