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Dog. Pet. Jugnu 2.0


Having a dog in your life brings an immense responsibility, love and a certain type of calm. Personally, I believe that it's not just with dogs but also with other pets and animals. I had this feeling after the first few weeks of my pet's stay at home. After that scary and tiring first night which I have described in Chapter1 came the most amazing journey of my life. Living with my pet. It grew me as a person, made me a decisive man and also taught me to be responsible for small or big events of my life. Having Jugnu was not just fun because I always had someone to pat or someone trying to accompany me everywhere I went but it also gave a sense of being a leader. When you see me writing this you might think that commanding a dog is not leadership, yes my friend I agree with you but what I believe is that being a leader also demands a man who can take risks, is decisive and can be an alpha when the need arises. Being leader is being selfless and caring for your loved ones. Some of these attributes which now totally reside in me were initiated by my pet. Simply because he needed guidance at every step or maybe because he related to me as an elder. Predicting here what a dog thinks is silly so let's get back to the point which is - having him has given me many qualities.
                                                   It all started on the first morning when we woke up, he had shit and piss all over the room where he was sleeping and also was playing with my father's sleepers. The innocence with which he greeted us when we came to wake him up was so pure. Generally, when someone commits a mistake they are apprehensive about it, but not children or puppies to be more precise in this case. I personally like the limitless power of their mind. The way they explore things and present their mind's own version of it is extremely amazing. The best thing about it is their randomness regarding everything. I know some of you might go into medicine and say that it's their lack of attention but still children sometimes give a surprisingly good explanation of things. So is the case with puppies or as in this case with Jugnu. The first fifteen days were the most difficult for us as we had to train him vigorously during every session when he was awake. As dark, as it sounds, we were never harsh or violent with him and being persistent in all those initial days have paid us well. Remembering those initial days I think that they taught me to be tolerant about life and gave a seed for my general resilience in life. 

                                                                    I would wake up at 7:00 am and see the places where he had passed motions and urine during the night. I would go out, fill the bucket of water, pick up the shit with two metallic plates and after cleaning all the soiling, would get to work of mopping the floor. During all of it he would come and play with me - trying to jump on my feet which were almost of his size or jump on the mop feeling ignored by me because of it. All in all as gross as it sounds it was all fun. The fun which I would prefer any day over going out and partying. As the month was January temperature was between zero to five degrees at that time in North India. So the puppy also liked to take sunbathes with all four legs up. We also bathed him on the third day as he had settled by then at home and was generally happy about everything. That was the time when I also realised how difficult it is for a mother to make their children bath. Being a small puppy he would run and hide under places where I couldn't go and also slip through my hands while taking bath and run all over the place with soap on the floor. Unfortunately, after those initial 20 days, I had to go back to my college to complete my under graduation but I was taking something else with me I was taking a feeling of attached with someone selflessly and inside a changed man. A man who had not realised yet that what an amazing change was about to come in his life because of this smallest of creature he had picked up from a farm.


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