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Your Kind Words !!

The inspiration to write this particular piece came from one of my friends. After completing Attention Attention !! 2.0 I have been encouraged by her to write about two particular problems (in detail) which exist due to the chaos created by the social media and technology nowadays. Here, I would like to express my thoughts about one of those points. Before I do so I would like to say, that, I do not consider myself as an expert on commenting about trends but these are few of my observations in daily life about - Misuse of Technology and Trolling. 

I would like to start expressing myself by explaining, what freedom of speech means in the real sense. It just means that you have a basic birthright to say whatever you want without censorship or penalties. Yeah ! Literally, it means that. We as netizens have this blog or other blogs because of this right. Today we can express ourselves in any way we want. We can call names to the leader of our country or we can freely comment on other person's life sitting right at our desks. Freedom of speech has made Virtual World a reality. They both together have given us powers to bring historic changes in real life. Look at how the working of our External Affairs Ministry has changed. Look at how the Train Services in the country (India) have improved. 

                                                  Examples like these two and a lot more others speak volumes about this colossal power in our hands. All of this possible because of freedom of speech and a platform to hear it. But let's not forget a great saying and I quote Uncle Ben " With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities ". Yeah, we have the responsibility to respect our Nation, Fellow Netizens and Our Community. Freedom of speech should not be confused with freedom to abuse, hurt, kill or jeopardise someone else's life. A wish to have all these amenities in our life also brings a certain kind of luggage with it. In today's world, we can't be careless about repercussions of our single tweet, status or comment. 
                                                                          WhenI was in my high school our Sanskrit Teacher would teach us " हृदय से तोलकर बात मुूूह से निकलनी चाहिए।" which in a very basic sense means think before you speak. Right now we have forgotten that very basic lesson of life. I see people saying things just for the sake of attention. No ! That's not what Uncle Ben meant. That's not how you survive or even live a healthy life. Doing that, basically makes us equal to animals, as they too, do whatever they feel like without worrying about consequences. According to me the need of attention towards self-appreciation has increased without realising the diminishing observational skills. The ruckus created by this virtual world because of carelessness among us has led us to this - 
                                                                                 Wrong Recall of National Anthem on National Platform by a Movie Star - Not !! Read it again. This is what actually happened - Link.  Still, people trolled her mercilessly hence proving my point - lack of observational skills, the need to be funny or just to be first among everyone to prove some damn point. It's just tip of the iceberg. I haven't even scratched the surface properly. There have been cases of people getting arrested by governments due to irresponsible behaviour. There are constant fights among people of different sects and religions belonging to the same country.

                                                                    Some of them becoming particularly infamous. All these things because of the need of attention. All these things because of few radically motivated persons wanting to incite anger in 'us' the responsible ones for their own benefit or agenda. According to me, this is a gross misuse of technology. Tech which was invented and improved time and again to make humans better, more efficient has in some ways pushed us back from where we already were. It has created a monster problem for us of being lazy. Lazy even to think and investigate on our screens. Today a kid prefers to play a Nintendo in his air conditioned room and updating about it, instead of going out and really learning a game. I still remember the taste of sweat (and blood in some cases)in my mouth when we would play in summers. It sounds a little gross but that was the real thing to do. It motivated us towards better teamwork, towards a win and also taught us the importance of physical activities.  
                                           The question here is - All of this - To What End? What are we going to get insulting someone hiding behind a Twitter handle or a picture of a God? How are we going to lead a happy life with this restlessness in our hearts "I have to prove (in front of strangers) that I am smarter". How are we going to satisfy our need of love when we create hate. How are we going to be united in our largest diversity if we don't stop blaming others for our own actions? How are we going to get fitter and more efficient when we limit ourselves to a screen. What are we going to teach our future generations about friendship, caring, sharing, respecting? People, To What End? 
                                                              Although reading it you might feel a little gloomy, but, I request you to carry on. Read a little further because as I see it there is a very basic answer to this problem - Think Before You Speak. Your Kind Words might bring change in others. Your Kind Words might encourage others to follow the path of goodness. Your kind words might diffuse the tension and make everyone happy. Your kind words might make someone realise their mistake and improve. They might even prevent riots. Your kind words might save someone's life. They might be an inspiration for others. They might become a guiding light in the darkness for some. Your kind words might make positive history. They might help enemies become friends. They might save this world from becoming extinct. Just Some Kind Words. Some Kind Words made me think about this blog.

                                                     Although a very important aspect of the solution, just some kind words might not be enough in some situations so, talk to others as you would to your loved ones. Treat others with equality. Respect and enjoy the diversity amongst you. Give this world your positive energy to create peace, not wars. Let this feeling of being superior and smarter not distort the already distorted world. Stop being addicted to this virtual world as the real life exists out of that window in front of you. Go explore yourself in nature. Sweat. Bleed. Be quiet and listen to others. Give advice, not chaos.  In the end, I would like to say Your Kind Words might improve what I write and think. So please do share your views and Comment, Share and Subscribe


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  2. awesome yaar...very well written...i want to follow ur blog but i still cant do it please let me know how to do it..

    1. Thanks Aayushee I told you na either follow on laptop in blogger or just follow on google plus wahan bhi updates aa jayengi. Thanks for your kind words and I hope you keep on reading and enjoying

  3. Very well writen and interesting post :)


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