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  1.  The views presented here are just my opinions. They have been expressed in this blog for the purpose of a healthy discussion.
  2. All the pictures used by me are downloaded from Google and I do not claim any ownership over them.  
                                                                          The more I try to say what I am going to write about, the more it will distort simple facts about it. So let me just get straight to the point. Being born in a country where treatment of opposite gender is a major problem I can give 'n' number of examples about what is wrong with the concept of inequality with women. There are many ways to engross you in my write-up. I can provoke you, make you feel guilty or can say things about people who believe that girls are made to do certain things in society. Instead of talking about all these immensely generic ways to explain a very basic idea let's try something new. Let's build our concept as we would in our middle or high schools. Consider this to be another chapter in one of your books of that era. So kids let's start!

DEFINITION - Total and absolute equality to a woman with independence to do whatever her mind says. Equality encompasses personal, professional, social and financial goals. Independence gives total autonomy over concerned women's rights and way of living life.

  1. No woman should be dictated to live her life in a certain way.                                        
  2. There should not be an imposition of traditions on just women.
  3. Finishing every form of suppression on women in the society.
  4. Considering woman equal to man in ambitions and wishes to achieve greater heights in life.
  5.  Paying them an equal amount of money for similar jobs done by opposite gender.
  6.  Encouraging and Appreciating them to speak up their minds hence enriching us with their point of view.
  7. To Stop Eve Teasing permanently or in different words to stop with your insatiable urge to objectify them.
  8.  Letting them explore their lives with their own actions and associations.
  9.  Not treating them as baby bearing machines.
  10. Not judging women for their personal choice of life.
  11. Not blaming women for every mistake committed in a broken relationship.
  12. Not taking them granted for a sex toy if they are friendly.
Yeah, I know you might be thinking that these are basic human rights so let me put it in one point.


Although there are many real life stories in my community, state and country which can be directly quoted here but, again, I'll try and put some logic into it for you (not that you are incompetent).
1) It is needed because of the constant tirade of some angry dull minded people thinking that girls or women in this world are to serve some definitive purpose ( decided by them ).
2) The need is to abolish the practice of a woman changing her last name against her will after marriage.
3) The need is so as to stop people from thinking that a woman is responsible for and should be tied to the household only.
4) The need is so as to change this concept of society that a female member of a family can't ask or fight for her needs.
5) The need is to change those male chauvinists into decent human beings not just loving but also respecting women of all ages equally.
6) The need of this movement is to bring back the power in women's hand too.
7) The need is to make everyone understand that it's not us who decide that they deserve their basic rights. The rights are theirs to start with and they can do anything they want with them.
8) The need is to give them utmost respect (which they actually deserve).


By doing this you make this world a better place. You bring happiness and joy in millions of those who have been deprived of it since birth. You create an environment of sensibility and security. It makes you a just person in life. It outshines you from all of those who feel otherwise. It proves that you have better and advanced mind than your ancestors hence making evolution a reality. It makes them flourish and make our life richer both emotionally and mentally. It doesn't make you a God but proves that God resides in you. It speaks volumes about love. It brings all the backward classes of society together hence resulting in progression of our Nation. It uplifts those who have always been ignored or discouraged. It makes them believe in themselves and break the shackles of the ancient idiotic concept of being responsible for every mistake made by men. It gives them space to grow and shine. It gives those unloved ones to feel the touch of love in their life. It will also show what big mistake has been made by us in not realising their actual potential. Finally, it gives them everything that they have deserved since the days of Adam and Eve.


  1. It is not a political tool for personal gains. Time and again we have seen people including famous movie stars misplacing the concept of feminism and supporting publicity stunts in form of videos or open letters. 
  2. While fighting for rights we must not forget one basic thing, that, we all fighting for women and those women with us are better people than those who we fight. We have to maintain a certain code of dignity while doing that. There are times when one loses himself /herself into the demons of dirty fighting, but, in the end, we have to be the ones who are perfect and more mature.
  3. An absence of feminism doesn't mean the extinction of women, but it does mean constant harassment and exploitation for them.
In a nutshell, feminism is not a movement which has to be learnt. It is a way of living and caring for others. It is something which should be ingrained in every cell of your brain since birth.

In the end, as it happened in every other book. Just answer these questions in comments below -:
Q 1) What did you learn from above points?
Q2) What are the other ways to respect and enrich our lives with feminism?
Q3) How should we not approach it? 
Ps - N this is for you. Love Always.


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