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Richness in Poverty

Have you ever seen a toothless human sitting in the shades of some temporary roof in summers just beside the footpath which leads to your office? Have you ever observed those people who have been so oppressed in their life that they obey any instruction given to them in stern voice by anyone? Have you ever met those people who are too poor to have proper meals but would serve you food of your choice if you visit their house as a guest? I have. I write and dedicate this write-up to all those I mentioned above and also to the ones which I meet in my day to day life.  The purpose of it is not to discuss the problems in the system which has lead to this. It is not even to blame the system. I write today because I have been inspired and motivated by them. Time and again I have been moved by their ways of seeing other humans, their values and the way they accept things (both good and bad) in their life. I know, some of you might think that they 'have to' accept all the problems they …

The Devil Inside Us!

In this particular write up, I would like to go random. Normally, when I write something I have a rough draft. I organise the write-up and correct it. Then publish. This time I have chosen a topic which actually makes me nervous when I write about it. It not only makes me worried that how people will perceive me (or any other human whom they can relate this write-up to) but also makes me a little apprehensive as the Devil I talk about today is in me. It grows stronger and stronger when I talk about it. It becomes more and more satisfied as I feed its ego when I write about it. Still, the need to write is more than putting that Devil to bed and not talk about it. I say that  because it resides in each and every one of us. Some of us see it and let it lead us in life. Some of us despite having it make sure that it is suppressed all the time, then there are those who know how to use it at the right time and the right moment.
DEVIL - The particular thing I talk about here is nothing and al…

Old and Alone!!

Leaving from a very long and tiring duty towards my mess I felt that I was Old and Alone. While crossing the main road (as we have to; to reach the other part of the campus) I took a step down from the sidewalk. The left knee buckled and I almost fell on my face on the road ahead which was full of traffic. The feeling of being old was pretty obvious from that but soon after the incident, I realised that none of the people (my batchmates) around me came to help. Not that I particularly wanted them to come and pick me up but enquiring about not getting injured was at least what I was expecting out of them. 
                      Before you judge me, read me a little further. I am no fool who would count this one incident as a reason to write about this topic nor am I a man who is particularly sensitive to share feelings and someone who wants others to pity him. These are just some feelings which I like to describe to my readers from time to time.