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Dog. Pet. Jugnu 3.0

It took me some time to come up with this write-up as I was seriously confused about what to write. Confusion is there because of the millions of things I have done, experienced and taught to my pet. Initially, I thought that I will complete the story in three different blogs or dlogs (as I call them), but lately, I have realised that it is almost impossible to share my love for animals or this particular animal in just three write-ups. So I have decided to further increase the number to four and make an attempt to write about my experience. 
Dog. Pet. Jugnu and Dog. Pet. Jugnu 2.0 described my experiences about initial stages of bringing a new family member in. As they were very concise that's why I have taken a certain liberty at this time to describe in details about my feeling towards the whole thing. So here we go -: As I was saying having a dog at your house creates a totally different kind of environment. You get to see all the changes happening at your home. From b…

A Walk Down The Right Path

Although I am not an expert in doing the right things as great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King etc. still I think I shall discuss here the right path which everyone should take in life. It is not something which comes from within but a discipline which has to be inculcated in life and made part of it. Ofcourse, some readers might think that it's a little boring discussion so let me make an attempt present it like a story. Just give me ten more lines. 

Let's talk about getting up in the morning on a typical Monday and going for work. For us doctors, it's really easy as we have no Sundays but sometimes that laziness prevails in us too. So, when we get up on a Monday - the first thought that comes to our minds is - I wish I had a reason to miss my work today. The point of discussion here is not why that thought comes in mind as it is a matter of discussion for a different write up altogether, but, the point is what should we do next when such thoughts co…


 Is it just a word used by media to describe the working class in the government jobs or something else? I think corruption starts from within. Repeatedly we say that we are being harassed by the corruption which we face in our daily life, but the truth is we are being frustrated for being corrupt from inside. We are corrupt because we want more money for easy jobs. We are corrupt cause we want to take easy ways out when the situation demands something more. We are corrupt because we want to avail the best facilities in the world without earning them or without doing something to achieve them. Time and again I have felt that being corrupt is not just ministers supporting goons or me being asked to pay the bribe in order to get what I really deserve. Corruption for me is a loss of innocence in a child. Corruption is having thoughts of cheating someone be it your partner or company etc. Corruption for me is being a normal human being in today's world. People say that to …


Thought - End 
What is an end? Is it a final part of something or just beginning to another thing. Is its completion of a life or just completion of a state of being? Is it what we see or what we feel? Does end mean time to give up or take out all the guns of courage and do something great? Is it just a word or the doom of a dangerous feeling in our hearts? 
                                                          For me, End means to look forward. The end is the feeling of freedom which releases us from the captivity of all the worldly commitments. The end for me is a new hope. For me, it indicates time to move on. Time to take me to another place, another level and to change. Winston Churchill once said, " To improve is to change and to be perfect is to change often". For me, an end is another chance to be more improved than my older self-be it in this life or maybe after it. The end is a new opportunity. End shakes me up but it doesn't slow me down. The end brings a gr…