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Attention ! Attention !!

First thought -  Maybe some announcement. Wrong
Second thought - OK. The author wants attention. True

In this particular piece, I would like to address an issue of - Lack of Attention amongst us. The motivation behind this particular piece is my real life friend. Lack of attention when someone talks, discusses, reads or writes something without graphical depiction of the subject is a real issue nowadays. The attention span of most of the modern humans has become smaller than the time taken by a hand grenade to explode after taking out the pin, which ranges from 4 to 8 seconds. This might seem like an exaggeration but is actually very true. The first proof in my argument is that few of the readers are already bored by now, reading about a Real Problem. So to just keep them engrossed here it is -
                                                                              Many of you might choose to read about what I have to express, few because of the previous line, and readers who hav…


When your breaths are too rhythmic and the legs are burning with a fire-like sensation that is peak time for your jog or simply a run. Today I would like to talk about the very basic and most difficult of the jobs we humans know - Jogging.

  I started jogging in the middle of  2013. Although I still am a learner in the field of cardio but would like to share my experience. We all hear different versions of different athletes about cardio but in my opinion, instead of trusting blindly the said or heard things everyone should try to discover their own style. That's the first definitive and best step you can take towards this exercise. I don't believe in this fact that it's an activity that can be fun. I consider it as a way of discipline( so, therefore, no fun ) and endurance in life. Although I don't want to impose my views over my reader's but still would like to emphasise again that even though it sounds strange, still, jogging is one of the best ways to control …


I did not know where to start my first blog from. So I decided that I would go with my own profession. In this blog, I would like to discuss the intricacies of being a doctor.
                         Our day starts normally, same as people of other professions. But as each second passes away it keeps on becoming serious and complicated. I still remember the first and second day of my internship. The first day because of the sense of purpose it gave to my life and hard work for the last four and a half years. Second day because of how worried I was for a total stranger. I am talking about the follow-up of the patients admitted on my first day as a clinician. Since then it has become a habit to worry about the health of others.                                                                            So as I was telling you, that, we wake up with the same woes of not wanting to overwork and wishing for some more hours of sleep. But as the time passes by we start thinking about others…