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 Is it just a word used by media to describe the working class in the government jobs or something else? I think corruption starts from within. Repeatedly we say that we are being harassed by the corruption which we face in our daily life, but the truth is we are being frustrated for being corrupt from inside. We are corrupt because we want more money for easy jobs. We are corrupt cause we want to take easy ways out when the situation demands something more. We are corrupt because we want to avail the best facilities in the world without earning them or without doing something to achieve them. Time and again I have felt that being corrupt is not just ministers supporting goons or me being asked to pay the bribe in order to get what I really deserve. Corruption for me is a loss of innocence in a child. Corruption is having thoughts of cheating someone be it your partner or company etc. Corruption for me is being a normal human being in today's world. People say that to lie is to live in this world but I say it is not just the lie but a bigger phenomenon. It is being corrupt about your goals and how to achieve them. There is a saying that Rome was not built in one day. For me, it is not just 7 words but a bigger deeper thing to think about. For me, it means that I shouldn't be corrupt or deceitful of what I want to achieve in life. It means that to make good things you have got to be excellent at what you do and to be best at what you do you have got to be excellent relentlessly. Ruthless and Relentless devotion is what makes us free of corruption. It is the only solution for me to be corruption free in life and in my work as well. Even if you are not nicest of a human being it is your duty to work honestly and remain focused on a goal keeping this is the mind that your goal does not take you off the track of living life (which is a separate issue in itself). To be corruption free should be the focus of life. Honesty, truth and responsibility will come with it. This is the motto of my life. What's yours?


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Old and Alone!!

Leaving from a very long and tiring duty towards my mess I felt that I was Old and Alone. While crossing the main road (as we have to; to reach the other part of the campus) I took a step down from the sidewalk. The left knee buckled and I almost fell on my face on the road ahead which was full of traffic. The feeling of being old was pretty obvious from that but soon after the incident, I realised that none of the people (my batchmates) around me came to help. Not that I particularly wanted them to come and pick me up but enquiring about not getting injured was at least what I was expecting out of them. 
                      Before you judge me, read me a little further. I am no fool who would count this one incident as a reason to write about this topic nor am I a man who is particularly sensitive to share feelings and someone who wants others to pity him. These are just some feelings which I like to describe to my readers from time to time. 


The Hero Within!

Before landing at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, I had never imagined that I'll see these three pictures on the wall and start thinking about my own life. I had never been a fan of art because I do not understand it. I don't hate it. It's just that I don't understand it. Sometimes I do not get the point of colours too. It's strange and weird but that's me - Weird and Strange.                                                                          So coming back to my point which is that this was the first art sequence which made me think about things. Things related to my life. My mistakes and good decisions. My achievements and losses. My will power and sometimes the lack of it. My determination in certain spheres of life and again lack of it in some. It made me think how I am not perfect and how life goes through different phases as we age, as we grow up professionally.

First picture - here says to me that every human, be it a girl or a boy…

Shimla - The Queen Of Hills !

Bone chilling cold crept up from my legs into my torso. My teeth started chattering when I suddenly realised that the temperature had gone far below zero degree celsius. I switched on the ignition of my car and turned on the heater to full blast before my legs became numb. This is how I was welcomed to Shimla in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India, in the month of January. Luckily, my car started immediately against my strong belief that it would not in such a cold weather, as, that was the first time I had driven my Volkswagon Polo to a hill station in winters. I woke my college mate up who had coiled like a viper on the conductor seat of our car under the common blanket we had been sharing for past four hours. Being taller and heavier between us, my legs had to bear the wrath of winters as most of the time they had not been covered. At that moment I cursed myself for making such a rash decision of travelling to Shimla in evening. The reason for not doing that in the first place was …